Monday, August 28, 2006

What do I believe today?

I believe that the creator should be more reverenced than the creation.

I beleive that all things created that benefit life should be defended.

I believe that all things created that harm life should be destroyed.

I believe in self defence.

I believe in the value of facts and reason.

I believe that I have been born into a society that is designed to cause failure and continually feeds the lies on which it is based, by war and taxation and the promulgation of ignorance.

I believe in the eternal, the everlasting, the truth, the way and the light.

I believe that war is a design of the Liars.

I believe that free will is a fact.

I believe that responsibility is the hallmark of those who love freedom.

I believe freedom is not something that can be attained, it is what is left when the lies of this world are stripped away.

I believe that in any crime of violence those who have profited are the ones to blame.

I believe that peace is the result of taking ownership of your own life and war is the result of paying others to own your life, think about it.

I believe that the creator gives the gift of discernment.

I believe that blind belief is the tool of the Devil.

I believe that through that blindness the persecutor cannot see the persecuted, and all crimes are justified.

Examples of things in which people are ensnared to believe blindly......

Religion, Science, Politics.

So the persecutors persecute. Some persecute that thier own sin be overlooked (we did it for you Lord), others persecute because they must answer questions which they know they cannot answer (progress at any cost), yet still others persecute because they know what's best for others (what would become of the rabble if we left them to thier own devices).

I believe this is no small thing.