Sunday, May 06, 2007

Please, Please, Please.....

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the rebels of the republic do have a leader capable of leading the rebellion against the Neocon Empire. The age of the republocrats is aproaching an end. I hope, really, I mean REALY. Hmm, lets see... Hillary Clinton = War with Iran, any conservative that isn't Ron Paul = War with Iran.... SOOOOO Let's Go Ron Paul, Let's Go! WOO WOO!

Yes he is fully aware that if he even gets close, he will have a target on his head bigger than Saddam had on his. No he is not a lunatic. Yes he has Adamantium balls.

P.S. Ya just gotta gotta watch this video. If you've never seen a honest politician prepare to be blown away.

P.P.S. Notice the conspicuous abscence of 'I can save the universism'.

The before and after buttons are very revealing.