Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hey world, WAKE UP!

ALL nations are under attack. Your political systems are corrupted to the core. Your religious institutions are corrupted to the core. Your education systems are corrupted to the core. Your medical institutions are corrupted to the core. Your press and media are completely corrupted to the core. Banking and financial systems are corrupted to the core. Independent scientific research is about as common as purple people eaters! RED ALERT! RED ALERT! BLEEP! BLEEP! BLEEP! KABOOM!

Snap out of it! Think about the world you are living in! Gauge the direction the world is rifling towards. Get a back bone! Find a voice. Courage comes after you do what you are afraid to do! What kind of world are we going to leave behind to our children!?!?! Oh wait I forgot, my generation is too self centered to even seriously entertain having children. We recycle pop cans while multinational conglomerates spew aluminum byproducts and mercury into the atmosphere and the Pied Piper keeps playing the greenhouse gasses tune! OH No! Not carbon dioxide! That would make the trees grow really fast and cool the earth! How about the depleted uranium issue? If you are asking yourself what that is, then my friend you have proved my point. START RESEARCHING!!!! Take nothing at face value.

Freedom is the only social issue that has ever existed, not welfare, not medical care, not 'access' whatever the hell that is supposed to imply. Freedom! That's it. That's all. YOUR freedom to worship Your god. YOUR freedom to NOT worship somebody else's. Your freedom to do business. Your freedom to not do business. Your freedom to move. Your freedom to stay where you live right now. Your freedom to educate yourself. Your freedom to reject being educated/indoctrinated by others. Your freedom to marry. Your freedom to stay single. Your freedom to raise YOUR children. Your freedom to refuse to allow strangers to raise your children. Your freedom to hunt your food. Your freedom to buy your food. Your freedom to grow your food.

You have a GOD given right to pursue your happiness. Unlike the Idiotic notion that you a have a right to happiness itself, devoid of the the pursuit thereof and the effort required to attain it, let alone whether or not your own particular notion of happiness is in any way reasonable. I for one am happy that Hitler did not achieve his happiness, his happiness was not reasonable.

It all boils down to command and control. Left and Right in politics is an illusion, both headlights rush at you at 100 Mph every 4 years.

You want to know the real reason why private property is under attack by every major institution on the face of the earth? I'll tell ya why! I'm not afraid to say it! Private property is the BASIS of all wealth. Wealth is the source of OPTIONS. Options allow you to live as you choose. You can't choose until you have options! No choice = no freedom. Curl up and die is NOT an option. Now focus on obtaing some property of your own. During the great depression people starved en mass, and that was when half the population was still in rural areas! What the hell do you think is coming down the road at us faster than the starship enterprise on warp 10!

I AM free, that's it, that's all, I'm done with the rest. Live it to be it.

Friday, March 16, 2007

A Different Kind Of DIY Project

At Least 60lbs of Organic meat not including the bone weight.

It's difficult to describe with any accuracy what it's like to kill your own food to someone who hasn't. It takes a firm resolve. It takes nerve. It takes skill so that the animal suffers as little as possible, which means as an empathetic human being you suffer as little as possible. It's easy to kill, but to kill quickly and efficiently takes focus. Focus is difficult to maintain under stressful situations. Slaughtering your first animal at the age of 30 is a very stressful situation.I did it. It wasn't easy, in fact it was one of the hardest things I've ever forced myself to do. I have never gone game hunting. I've never taken down an animal from 50 paces with a rifle. I have gripped a goats jaw and lifted it's head so as to cut it's throat.

The blood flew, gushed, spurted, and drained from the soon to be corpse. The legs kick on their own long past consciousness in some cases. While skinning the animal, some muscles intermittently twitch. I've gotten way ahead of myself. Between the throat cutting and the skinning part is a void where time stands still and an appreciation for every mosel of meat you ever ate sets in. I didn't have to do what I did. As a consumer of meat I made the decision to do it myself. My goat meat is as organic as organic can get. There is no pollution where I live and their winter feed is locally grown. The animals get plenty of excercise (I live in the mountains of central Greece). I know what I'm eating. I know what the animal that I am eating ate. I know it's healthy, healthy as any food can get. It's what I want for myself and should the good lord bless me with descendents it what they will be raised on as well.

This morning I helped my neighbour slaughter and butcher one of the full grown goats. He's been doing this all his life. Whoah. They take alot longer to drain than the kids do. The result of all this nastiness is that I have meat in the fridge for the next 2 to 3 months at least, if not longer. About 300 retail dollars worth of meat, let's not take into consideration how much the label organic should theoretically add to that. In a sense I'm trying to despoil my self, not that I've ever really been spoiled (at least not by 20th century standards.

5yrs. ago if you said to me that I would do a tour in the Greek military, I would have told you that you had lost your mind. If you had told me that I would make a go of homesteading on a mountain, I would have told you the same, but if you told me that I would butcher my own meat.... I would have laughed my arse off at you.

These days I laugh at little. GMO foods, war, torture, fascism on the rise EVERYWHERE thanks to the willfull ignorance of the masses. I won't start ranting here, that's for another post.

P.S. I have been offline since september. In case anyone is wondering why I haven't been posting.