Sunday, October 28, 2007

An old epiphany...

The means determine the ends.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Are your conclusions rational?

I've been watching the value of worlwide currencies decline in purchasing power since I bought my first pack of bubble gum. I've been watching people lose whatever their faith was and turn it over to people, mainly politicians.

Here is a newsflash, from diaper training to writing exams, to building wealth, life does not get easier, ever. If your life is getting easier as you age, you're just getting older, not growing older.

So what is the condition of modern man? He can't trust what he eats, what he buys, who he deals with professionally, who he votes for, his educators, his physicians and so on. So who can he trust? God that's who. I can honestly state that my God has never failed me. My god has never allowed fire to not be hot, nor ice to not be cold, nor gravitey to pull me AWAY from the earth. He set the program in motion aeons ago and it's still going, untill it stops that is. All programs terminate at some point. Human DNA software has a termination point and all the loops medicine can add won't make a difference, because the universe itself is designed, or ordained if you will, to terminate. So life is fairly relative, until you consider eternity. Eternity is the mother of all absolutes.

Where I live, the majority of people are senior citizens. What strikes me with immense awe is the fact that for most old people I've met, the older they get, it seems, the MORE they think they are going to live forever. The awful consequence of this very flawed way of looking at life is the phenomenon of people continuing to do the same things and expecting different results. If you want to change your condition, you have to change your conditioning. Chuck D of Public Enemy fame once stated in a rap composition that "if I can't change the people around me, I change the people around me" well stated brother.

The consequences of refusing to take the good with the bad are catastrophic. The good, for example being alive, the bad, the imposibility of living well without following some very carefully and clearly laid out rules. The last century was one of UNFREAKINGBELEIVEABLE slaughter. This 'new century' is off to a much worse start. Roughly a million murdered Iraqis, the plight of the Palestinians, the general plight of Africa. The general plight of poor people worldwide. Genetic engineering is poisoning the food supply. World war 3 is around the corner baby, no really, I mean it, and there is only a 101% possiblity that it will go nuclear.

If you still haven't figured out that you need to get somewhat self sufficient, you are NOT in touch with reality. James Brown once sang, "we need to raise our food like the man, we need to save our money like the mob" well stated brother. If you think the government will, wants to, or is even capable of taking care of you when the free money economy plug gets pulled, I feel sorry for you, at this point you are way beyond help.

I have my freezer stocked with organic meat. There is a clean freshwater river nearby that is great for fishing. My gardens and fruit trees are doing great, and between now and next year I'll be adding roughly 6000 square meters of gardens and orchards. Now that is an investment. I work odd jobs for cash, and it mostly comes in faster than it goes out. In two years, inflation in food prices will mean next to nothing to me. Which will keep driving possible, in terms of fuel costs, folks, we ain't seen nothin' yet.

I don't see a difference, do you still see a difference?

Saturday, October 20, 2007