Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fluoride Bad, No Fluoride Good, SEE?

I first became aware of the fluoride issue while listnening to the Alex Jones radio show many years ago. A renowned Phd on the subject Dr. Paul Connett had nothing good to say about the neurotoxin known as sodium fluoride.

Let's point our focus at this moment to the major way in which we come into contact with this harmful substance, the water supply. What is the source of the neurotoxin sodium fluoride in our drinking water and every product from toothpaste to soda that uses the water supply for its production or sodium fluoride as an ingredient? The main source of sodium fluoride is the waste byproducts of aluminum manufacturing. Waste byproducts are expensive to dispose of properly. But why dispose of this toxic waste at all when countless municipalities are willing to pay you at a rate of 20,000 percent the produ
ction cost for it. There is a good market for this stuff, but that market isn't as willing to pay a 20,000% markup as the public trust is. What market? Fumigation, ask any exterminator how effective it is for dealing with rodents. There are also military applications as well in the form of chemical weapons, fluoride is a key ingredient in both Prozac and Serin gas.

The first recorded use of flouride in drinking water is very interesting. As it turns out fluoride in drinking water was first used in Nazi prison camps where docility was achieved in the camp populace, as was the expected result.

A few quotes on the subject:

"Are our Civil Defense organizations and agencies awake to the perils of water poisoning by fluoridation? Its use has been recorded in other countries. Sodium fluoride water solutions are the cheapest and most effective rat killers known to chemists: colorless, odorless, tasteless; no antidote, no remedy, no hope: Instant and complete extermination of rats. ...

"Fluoridation of water systems can be slow national suicide, or quick national liquidation. It is criminal insanity--treason!" Dr. E.H. Bronner, Mfg. Research Chemist, Los Angeles.

"It appears that the citizens of Massachusetts are among the `next` on the agenda of the water poisoners.

"There is a sinister network of subversive agents, Godless `intellectual` parasites, working in our country today whose ramifications grow more extensive, more successful and more
alarming each new year and whose true objective is to demoralize, paralyze and destroy our great Republic--from within if they can, according to their plan--for their own possession. "The tragic success they have already attained in their long siege to destroy the moral fiber of American life is now one of their most potent footholds towards their own ultimate victory over us.

"Fluoridation of our community water systems can well become their most subtle weapon for our sure physical and mental deterioration. ...

"As a research chemist of established standing, I built within the past 22 years, 3 American chemical plants and licensed 6 of my 53 patents. Based on my years of practical experience in the health-food and chemical field, let me warn: fluoridation of drinking water is criminal insanity, sure national suicide. Don`t do it.

Dr. E.H. Bronner (a chemist who had also been a prisoner of war during WWII) in a letter printed in The Catholic Mirror, Springfield, MA, January 1952

EPA official, Dr. J. William Hirzy, the current Senior Vice-President of EPA Headquarters Union,
'"If this stuff gets out into the air, it's a pollutant; if it gets into the river, it's a pollutant; if it gets into the lake it's a pollutant; but if it goes right into your drinking water
system, it's not a pollutant. That's amazing... There's got to be a better way to manage this stuff" (Hirzy 2000).

Great interview on the subject of water fluoridation with Dr. Paul Connett (audio format)

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