Friday, August 25, 2006

Lebanon AGAIN?!?!

Friday, 9 June 2006, 18:28 GMT 19:28 UK

3 days later...

In retaliation for this and a long, long, long line of other atrocities, Hezbollah takes prisoner two Israeli commandos on the Lebanese side of the border.

For 33 days Isreal pounded the snot out of the Lebanese Infrastructure, schools, hospitals, highways, bridges, homes, appartment buildings, power plants, and not to mention anything that moved.

So a question? Is anyone safe from these wackos? Did you ever get the feeling that if Isreal was in the Northwest Territories instead of Palestine, we would be inundated with news stories about crazed innuit killing people with explosive seals strapped to their chests. Someone help me understand, please. Jews and Arabs lived in that area for thousands of years in peace harmony and mutual prosperity, so what happened?. Just ask Sephardic Jews how they feel about their treatment in that country.

Sounds like I'm condeming that state doesn't it, well there's alot to condemn but what I'd really like to point out is that it is a far, far, far, cry from a non-racist, democratic bastion of freedom in the middle east as it is portrayed by western media. Isreal has widespread systemic problems and suffers from the same disease that all nations do at this point in time. Well, maybe not Venezuela, but I'm still not convinced.

And what would that be you ask? Elites. Well, not real elites, you know like people that smash world records at the olympics, or can get a perfect score in Super Mario Brothers. No, I mean Elites that have inherited gajabajillions of dollars worth of old money over the centuries and have been conspiring to consolidate the power that comes along with that (at least in a provable form) for the last 3, III, Three Hundred years.

I'm not alone in this condemnation either, not by a long shot, see what the following friends of humanity have to say on the matter...

I'm gonna say the dirty word and sign off for now, ILLUMINATI.

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