Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bye Bye Dollar.

It was nice knowing you, well actually not really. I keep hearing from the die hards that the american economy can turn around. I keep hearing that it is in the interest of foreign countries to support a strong dollar. Why? Don't they consume as well as produce? Why do they need to keep taking American I.O.U.'s in exchange for REAL products of REAL value? To support the U.S. stock market at this point would be international welfare.

Is there even an American economy to turn around? I have the impression that there is no real economy left in the U.S. . I have the impression that what most overeducated analysts keep refering to as the American economy, is in reality, the american line of credit with foreigners. Well shit numbnuts, you gotta pay back what you borrow at some point!

I now shit myself from laughter every time I hear the term service based economy.

I roll around on the floor gasping for air from the fits of laughter when I hear that a low dollar will be good for exports. What exports! All the factories are in Mexico and China!!!

I keep hearing the word recession batted around. Fuck recession, it's 8 years late to start speaking of recession. Welcome to Depression 2.0.

Hey, central banks of the world, please go fuck yourselves.

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